On the heels of the announcement from former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn that he would challenge current Mayor Ed Murray in the next election, Murray released a statement Monday making claims about McGinn.

It was intended to showcase his accomplishments while putting the former mayor in a bad light. But some of the claims didn't sound quite right, so we wanted to verify them.

CLAIM: The first statement in Monday's release that caught our eye was this: "He attacked our Democratic governor, calling her a liar."

VERIFY: He was referencing comments McGinn made October 29, 2010 about then-Governor Christine Gregoire. Hours earlier she had promised Seattle taxpayers would not be on the hook for any cost overruns from the Highway 99 tunnel project. We dug through the KING 5 archives and found the video of McGinn that day.

What he actually said was, "I don't believe we can trust the governor to keep her promises to protect us."

So, he didn't call her a liar.

CLAIM: The other claim in his statement read, "As mayor, Mike McGinn led a flawed and failed search for a new police chief."

VERIFY: Here Mayor Murray is referring to the effort to replace outgoing chief Gil Kerlikowske who was tapped by the Obama Administration to be the next Drug Czar in 2009.

Here's how that search happened:

When McGinn took office, he formed a 26-member search committee. We verified that by looking through multiple news stories from the Seattle Times, the P-I.com, even a blog by City Councilman Tim Burgess.

By May, the double-digit list was down to just three. They included interim Chief John Diaz, East Palo Alto, Calif., Police Chief Ron Davis, and Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel, who withdrew before the final decision was made.

Ultimately Diaz was chosen to officially replace Kerlikowske, a job he held for another two years and 10 months before retiring.