They had booked their vacation months ago, but Hurricane Irma had her own plans.

Poulsbo residents Laura Ritter, Shannon Prigger and their husbands are hunkered down in their Orlando hotel room, unsure of what to expect.

"We had been born and raised in the Northwest, so we're not used to these conditions," said Ritter.

Irma is a now a Category 4 and will likely remain a strong, dangerous hurricane when it reaches southern Florida on Sunday.

With their flight canceled and roads crowded, the couples are staying put until early next week.

"Nothing worse than being stuck on a road when a hurricane's coming," Prigger decided.

Ritter says many of the locals are telling them not to worry, "some people are just, 'Nah, we've been through this before.'"

But she says there are signs of panic or at least urgency. Most grocery stores are out of non-perishable food and water is scarce.

"You have to wait in line like we did today for over an hour for just a case of water."

Their vacation schedule is now storm prep, but Ritter figures, "It's better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. That's how we're approaching this."