The wet fall and winter months are a dreaded time of year for the homeless.

One Seattle financial advisor is trying to help ease the pain with solar panels that can provide light with extended darkness setting in. Roger Scott has no experience as an electrician, but he sees the need.

"I want to do something that makes a difference in people's lives that helps people out," said Scott. "I've got to have a purpose, I've got to have a reason for living."

He has installed the lights at two tent cities now. The latest is Tent City 3 in the University District.

The circuits cost about $150 a piece and are meant for villages in third world countries.

But Scott sees them as useful in homeless camps too. Residents agree.

"It's awesome, it helps us out," said Niki Halvorson. She's lived in Tent City 3 for three months. "It's important especially if we go back to Skyway where we don't have power."

Stone is calling on the City of Seattle to purchase 25 of the solar panels to distribute to homeless camps.