You are trapped in a dimly-lit laboratory. The key to the door is nowhere to be found, and a zombie neuroscientist is chained to the wall, creeping closer and closer.

What could be worse? Your fate rests in the hands of your coworkers. It's the fateful premise of "Ninja Escape" room escape adventure in Belltown. KING 5's team went to go test it out and put their zombie-fighting skills to the test.

When you first walk in, it appears to be a calm laboratory. There are instant clues that catch your eye: riddles fixed onto mysterious briefcases, strange writing on the walls, and cupboards just begging to be opened.

But beware: some cabinets have consequences lurking behind them. A zombie jumps out at you, and every five minutes a buzzer goes off, signaling his chain lengthening.

The KING 5 Morning team immediately spread out. Clues and puzzles galore, it was a little daunting at first. But after some time we each took our stations and worked as one.

One clue led to another, and there were many times that one person would find a seemingly random item that proved useful to their teammate across the room. Of course, getting that item to its rightful owner was difficult with a monster marking you as his next meal.

Finally, one of us found the antidote. Then another bottle, and another, until we reached a ring. That ring opened a safe, and the safe contained a key. It was just in time, too, because the zombie's chain was long enough to reach all of us!

At the end, the doctor's assistant revealed positive traits about each member of our zombie-fighting team. There were the more vocal participants, the silent-but-strong types, and those who were quick to lend a helping hand. No matter what our individual skills were, altogether it was the perfect combination!

Ninja Escape is not just for Halloween, you and your friends or organization can do sign up for a mission any time. Click here to get more information.