You may recognize one of Seattle’s only working transgender singers: Claire Michelle gives singing lessons and life lessons via YouTube. Wednesday, she dropped a new song called “Fall.”

Movin’ so slow/a trickle down below/slippin’ through the seams/but landing on my feet – the lyrics begin.

“‘Fall is about overcoming death,” Michelle said, referring to her father’s death more than two years ago.

His heart attack happened months after revealing to her father and stepmother she was transitioning.

“So ultimately they asked me to leave. And I packed my bags and moved to Seattle. And then two months after that, my dad passed away,” Michelle said. “I think there was regret when it came to my stepmom and dad and I just don’t think they knew how to handle it. [My stepmom] told me the death of my father was my fault, implying that I killed him through transition.”

Though Michelle feels she is not to blame, she admits she “broke down” in her life and in her art.

Listen: Claire Michelle's new single "Fall"

“When I transitioned, I was about ready to give up music. I didn't know who I was going to be after everything was said and done,” Michelle said.

However, months later she was invited to an open mic and “that was my first time stepping onto stage as my true self. I didn't feel that I was faking it. I didn't feel like I had to be anyone else,” she said.

Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. at music venue Substation, Michelle takes the stage to reveal “Fall” to the public, signifying another change in personal growth.

“The song transitions from ‘without you’ to ‘for you,’” she explained, changing her attitude about her father’s death.