June is Pride Month. And to celebrate NBC Out is recognizing innovators, change makers and rising stars from the LGBTQ community for #Pride30.

Jaime Deer, a King County Sheriff's deputy, is getting national attention as one of the country's few openly transgender officers.

"When I was notified it was pretty shocking, I was surprised. Then I looked at the group that was chosen and it was pretty cool to be among that group," said Deer.

When Deer started taking hormones in 2016, he wrestled with whether to move to a different department to avoid coming out. But he made a commitment to teaching at the local police academy and felt it would be unfair to his students to leave. Deer gathered the courage to come out to the sheriff, and he asked the sheriff to send an email to the department on his behalf telling everyone of his plans to transition.

"It's such an honor not only for Jaime, but for the sheriff's office and for the profession of policing as well. He's the only police officer on that page and that's pretty cool," said King County Sheriff John Urquhart.

Deer hopes sharing his story can help mend some of the distrust the LGBTQ community has with law enforcement.

The #Pride30 list also includes Oregon Governor Kate Brown, the first openly bisexual governor in US history.