Marine law enforcement came together from across the country to practice operating vessels at high speeds in Tacoma this week.

It’s part of the Marine Law Enforcement Training Program through Washington State Parks that works with 53 agencies from across the state.

“It does take practice and it does take a certain amount of comfort level to go out on the water and do something like this,” said Eric Peffer, a detective and instructor for the conference.

They practice operating boats at speeds that they cannot disclose. They do 90 degree turns and figure eights in the water among other exercises to practice responding to a boating incident or catching possible suspects.

“We do always have that threat of possible terrorism, so we want to make sure that we are prepared for whatever it is that we have to encounter,” said Peffer.

“It's great putting better-qualified people out here who are available to assist the public and available to assist during an emergency,” said Rodney Rochan, instructor.

“We want to make sure that people out on the water are safe and they are safe to other boaters as well,” said Peffer.