A toxic algae advisory for Lake Tapps was issued on Tuesday warning people to stay away from potentially contaminated water.

The algae is primarily in the northeast area of the lake, along Tapps Island, according to a City of Bonney Lake blog post. However, wind could blow the algae to the southern end of the lake.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Department of Public Health is advising people to not swim or water ski in areas of scum, to not drink the lake water, and keep pets and livestock away.

The algae can be identified by an unusual color or appearance that makes the surface look like pea soup or covered in a green, brownish, or bluish substance, according to the City of Bonney Lake.

A toxic algae advisory means the water has blue-green algae, a bacteria that can produce toxins. Sunlight and warm temperatures can cause the toxic algae to rapidly reproduce in fresh water.

If you or your pet have a sudden unexplained sickness after being in contact with the water at Lake Tapps, call your doctor or veterinarian.