For almost two years, Marshal, a courthouse facility dog, has helped provide comfort for victims of crimes in Thurston County. This week he helped survivors of the Las Vegas shooting.

“There’s so much need there,” said Kim Carroll, senior victim advocate for the county.

Carroll flew down to Las Vegas with Marshal, an English black labrador, last weekend. During the five-day trip, Marshal met with hundreds of survivors and victim family members.

Carroll said Marshal and other trained facility dogs provide emotional support, love, and comfort to victims.

“He has the ability to lower one’s blood pressure,” said Carroll. “And help people really focus.”

She said helping someone who has been traumatized can get them to open up and seek counseling or services.

Marshal was one of eight dogs from the Courthouse Dogs Foundation deployed to Las Vegas.

Astro, a golden retriever, works at Lacey’s Children’s Justice and Advocacy Center.

It’s the first time the dogs have been sent to a mass casualty event.

Carroll said she’d be happy to take Marshal wherever he’s needed next.

“I know he made a difference,” said Carroll.