A Thurston County sheriff's deputy was attacked by a dog while searching for a suspect early Wednesday.

Just before 1:30 a.m., Thurston County Sheriff's deputies were trying to locate a suspect wanted for multiple arrest warrants at a home in the Nisqually Pines gated community.

One deputy knocked on the door. When the home owner opened the door, their dog immediately attacked the deputy. The dog - described as mastiff/Swiss Shepherd mix - bit the bit the deputy on both arms before the homeowner was able to control him.

The deputy was transported to a local emergency room where he was treated for multiple lacerations and puncture wounds to his arms.

Officials determined the dog's owner did not order his dog to attack and tried to stop the attack when it did happen. The dog's owner was cooperating with police and their investigation.

Meanwhile, the suspect wanted for the warrants was not at the home, and the homeowner indicted the suspect did not live there.