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A Lacey family had a very close call during Thursday's storms when a massive tree came crashing down and split their home in two.

No one was hurt, but homeowner Marc Lowe knows he and his stepson were lucky.

"I was actually out back watching the lightning and thunder and all that, and I started recording video of the wind when it really picked up. Then the branches and everything started falling, and I ended up huddling down by the house because I almost got hit by flying branches," Lowe said.

Moments later, he got a call from his 17-year-old stepson, who was inside the house.

"My stepson called me and was like 'Where are you at and are you okay?' and I told him I'm outside, and he said 'Well there's a tree in my bedroom,'" Lowe said.

Tyrese Johnson-Hull said he'd been sleeping and was woken up by the storm. He sat up in bed and was about to stand up when the tree burst through the ceiling.

"If I would have stood up, I think I would be dead right now," Johnson-Hull said. "It was very scary. Extremely scary. The tree went diagonally through the house, through the master bedroom, my room, and another room."

The massive tree makes the home unlivable for the time being.

Lowe contacted his insurance company right away, and by Thursday evening, contractors were working to put a tarp on the roof and secure the home.

"That's about all you can do," he said. "The people, the pets, everyone is fine. The rest of this is just material things."

That wasn't the only home that was nailed by a tree in Lacey. Dennis Craig's home also got hit.

A home in Lacey, Wash, is damaged by a tree following a severe thunderstom. (Credit; Dennis Craig)