The Sound is a weekly deep dive into the Pacific Northwest's top stories. Reporter Ryan Takeo sits down with other KING 5 reporters to go beyond the 2-minute TV version, with KING 5 reporters who know the ins and outs of these topics.

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Episode 1: DB Cooper. Investigative reporter Chris Ingalls discusses some new information about the infamous mid-air skyjacking that's gone unsolved for 40 years where a man named allegedly extorted $200,000 in ransom and parachuted out of an airplane somewhere between Seattle and Portland.

Episode 2: Cuba. KING 5's Jake Whittenberg and aviation specialist Glenn Farley took separate trips to Cuba recently. Hear what it's like to travel to the island country and what the Pacific Northwest - especially Alaska Airlines and the travel industry - stand to benefit from the new relationship with the country.

Episode 3: Safe injection sites. Takeo visited such sites in Vancouver, B.C. where drug addicts can shoot up legally. The city of Seattle is considering two such safe injection sites locally.

Episode 4: Japanese Internment. 75 years ago, two months after Imperial Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which forced approximately 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry into government internment camps for years. KING 5 anchor Lori Matsukawa talks about her special project over the past two years to tell this important story.

Episode 5: Hanford is the most contaminated work site in America, but some workers are still getting their workers’ compensation claims denied. KING 5 chief investigative reporter Susannah Frame found in her series, “Sick and Forgotten at Hanford,” the system is full of injustices, including inaccurate science, aggressive legal battles, and denying the workers got sick at Hanford.