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Three people are now in custody in connection to a deadly drive-by shooting in Federal Way. Police say the 19-year-old victim, in that case, was targeted by members of a rival gang. One of the suspects is only 15-years-old.

The April 11 shooting marked the third murder so far this year in Federal Way.

"I really feel for those families that lost their loved ones to this latest act of violence. It's a really scary feeling," said Lonie Gennings.

Gennings would know.  

Her sixteen-year-old son, Wesley, was also shot and killed in Federal Way, back in February of 2016. The two people charged in his murder are just 16 and 14-years-old.

"Kids shooting other kids. I mean, when we were growing up back in our days, you didn't hear about things like that," said Gennings. "I think this new generation, I think these kids think that's how you handle grievances with other kids. They go, and they want to shoot someone."

That's why Gennings created the Wesley's Heart Foundation.
"One of the things we want to do is be able to help reduce gang violence in the community. We also want to be able to work with the youth in the community to give them a sense of belonging."
City officials have said four to five homicides per year is about average for Federal Way.  
"I don't think that's average," said Gennings. "One is too many for me. I don't consider any of it average. It's very sad, to have that happen to anybody."