Fifty-two animals have been brought to western Washington from Texas to make space at shelters there. It's triggered new excitement at rescue groups where people are lining up to adopt.

Saturday morning, workers at PAWS in Lynnwood were busy checking cats from Texas. They are making sure the animals are in good health and have been spayed or neutered.

“Our phone has increased dramatically; our client services team has told us that they're getting 20-30 calls a day,” Animal Services Manager Anya Pamplona explained.

At Seattle Humane’s Bellevue shelter, the line was out the door Saturday morning.

“We had three Harvey dogs available for adoption, two of them have been adopted, and one is out meeting with a potential family,” Julie Cortino said.

They're going fast, but the shelters say even those who don't take home a Harvey animal don't have to go home disappointed.

“We've had multiple adoptions of dogs who've been with us for months and months because someone came to the shelter to find a Harvey dog, but left with another dog that was a better match for them.”

The goal is to get them into a forever home as soon as possible; an empty cage in a shelter allows them to take another shelter puppy or kitty from the disaster zone.

“Whether they're from Hurricane Harvey or not so if you're thinking of adopting come and adopt anybody who touches your heart," Pamplona said.