Like most proud mothers, Adam Craig’s mom Lori Seaunier videotaped her son’s performance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas Sunday afternoon.

“It was just a real fun atmosphere,” said Seaunier, who traveled to Las Vegas for the show with her daughter Kristi Burke.

The family is from Tenino, a rural town in Thurston County.

Hours later, Seaunier, her son, and her daughter, ran for their lives trying to escape the gunfire that killed dozens.

Separated for hours, Seaunier hid in a stranger’s hotel room before reuniting with her children.

“None of us will ever forget that,” said Seaunier.

They all escaped injury.

The family decided to put together a benefit concert to help the families of those who didn’t survive, potentially next summer in Tenino.

“You can’t not want to do something after seeing that,” said Seaunier.

She said her son has performed charity concerts following tragedies in Western Washington before. In 2007 he played to raise money for flood victims in Lewis County, and in 2009 he held a benefit concert following the murder of four Lakewood police officers.