Hundreds of teenagers packed the Gates Foundation visitor center on Saturday morning for the annual Teen Action Expo.

More than 30 organizations led by young people set up booths and exhibits to showcase their work and inspire others to join them.

"They're doing real things," said Bella Devaan, 17, one of the teens who helped organize and plan the expo. "It's not just a teen version of real life. We have true activists."

At a nearby table, several teenagers demonstrated how heavy it can be to carry water for several miles in developing countries.

"I feel like we're all the same in the center," said Sophia Copeland, 15, who represented Water1st International.

A few feet away, another teenager, Emily, 17, made friendship bracelets for her nonprofit, Namaste Children's Fund, which promotes female education in Nepal.

"I go to an all-girls school," said Emily. "Girls' education is so important, especially in Nepal, where all girls don't get an opportunity."

We asked Devaan who helped plan the expo, why she wants to inspire other teens, and what inspires her.

"The answer would be my family and those who come before us," said Devaan. "It's our duty as young people to pick up the fight from the past."