A lot of parents are saying the results of the Presidential election are less about winning or losing and more about how we want to talk to our kids about some of the things that were said or felt during the contentious campaign.

Some of you have told us that you don't have the same beliefs as Donald Trump. Others have said you have.

But how do we move forward now? Many parents have told us they're having genuine discussions with their kids.

Christina Larsen writes for smartymommies.com and is a former English teacher. She and her husband Shawn were strong Hillary Clinton supporters. Together they were preparing their young daughters for a first woman president, but their family's election party turned into a different kind of lesson.

"I'm not happy to be teaching this lesson in this way, but I'm doing it," says Larsen. "I just started thinking about it in terms of switchbacks, ascending a mountain or a lightning bolt shape that ultimate we are all moving forward even as at some points we must move backward. But, we're still always ascending and we're always growing."

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Larsen says it was about more than just the first woman president. It was about believing that Clinton was the right candidate with the most experience. For some other parents, the conversations have been focused on how to move forward if they fundamentally disagree with what Trump has said about minorities, religion or women.

Larsen says for her family, one lesson centers around grit. She asks, "How else do you learn to be tough and gritty and to bounce back from setbacks without occasionally losing?"

A lot of parents are sharing their thoughts on social media and we want to thank those who are using this as a way to learn from one another.