Two cars racing on I-5 spiraled out of control Thursday afternoon, leading to a major crash in Tacoma.

Washington State Patrol said two people were taken to Tacoma General Hospital, one suffered critical injuries, the other suffered minor injuries. Now the hunt is one for one of the vehicles believed responsible.

Troopers say a Kia Soul and a Mazda Miata were racing on northbound I-5 Thursday afternoon.

"The Miata come up to try and pass the Kia Soul on the shoulder, lost control, struck the Kia, and both the vehicles rolled over. At that time, a believe the red passenger vehicle may have been looking at the collision, took his eyes off the road and then collided into the concrete jersey barrier on the left side of the freeway. That vehicle then fled the scene," said WSP Trooper Brooke Bova.

In regards to the red car, Washington State Patrol does not have a make and model of that passenger vehicle, but they do believe that car may have extensive front-end damage.