Elected officials from across the south sound including Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammier and Representative Derek Kilmer stepped up to make the pitch for Amazon to choose the City of Destiny as its second destination.

The confidential proposal was submitted by the Economic Development Board of Tacoma-Pierce County.

"We've got sites ready today with class A office space to meet their needs. We have a data center today ready to fulfill their needs. We have sites for fulfillment ready in Sumner in Lakewood in DuPont ready today to meet their needs so we can move and hit the ground running right now,” said Dammier.

"We are not seeking salvation we want a partner to grow with us. We are growing, people want to move here good things are happening," said Strickland.

Some Tacoma residents like John Carman said they want to see diversity in Tacoma's growth.

"The south sound needs something more than industrial."

Carman; however, is torn.

"Ideologically, I hate Amazon. They're forcing me sometimes to use them because I can't get that product any other place, but realistically, I want them to stay here I want those jobs," said Carman.

But others, including Liza Higbee Robinson, question who will get those jobs.

"I'm not sure whether the jobs would benefit us or not - us as in the people that are here right now," she said.

Area leaders, however, say Tacomans need to be able to find work where they live

"We've got about 99,000 people that commute north every day. What about a good opportunity to give them a good family wage job here," said Dammier.

However, being close to Seattle, the home of Amazon's first headquarters, some wonder if Tacoma even has a chance.

"They're going to go to go to someplace where they can tell the public that they've tapped a new workforce, that they aren't just expanding and giving all the [benefits] to the Pacific Northwest,” said Carman.

But leaders believe they have a strong chance.

"We’re close enough to collaborate but far enough away to compete. We're like them, but different enough that we can build their organization," said Dammier.