The City of Tacoma Minimum Wage Task Force presented their final recommendations to the Tacoma City Council, Tuesday. Proposal A would gradually increase the minimum wage in Tacoma to $15 an hour by 2024.

Large businesses would pay $15 an hour by 2020 and small business by 2024.

Proposal B would not reach $15 an hour. Minimum wage would reach $12 an hour by January of 2019. Council members will review the options and consider the proposals to submit to be placed on the ballot in the fall.

But there is another option already on the ballot. 15 Now Tacoma has a measure that wants to establish the minimum wage at $15 an hour at the beginning of January of 2016.

For small businesses like Todd Deshazo's, Infinite Soups, an immediate minimum wage increase to $15 an hour could hurt his workers.

"There's a tradeoff there with what you can afford to pay them. Their hours of availability would not be there. You get your hours cut, that's just the way that game is worked," said Deshazo.

Minimum wage workers addressed city council Tuesday evening, where many said they can't make ends meet.

City council must submit proposals for ballot measures by August 4, 2015

Right now, businesses such as Dehazo's are bracing for what a minimum wage increase would like for their business.

"The good thing here is that everyone here would get $15 an hour and I tell you here I'm not even close to that," Dehazo said.