The Tacoma Police Department is set to release new data on officer involved shootings and complaints against the department.

Tacoma Police has joined 52 other cities across the nation as part of a White House initiative to improve relationships between citizens and police.

"Across the nation, people are asking for more information," said Assistant Police Chief Kathy McApline.

Tacoma Police has posted officer involved shooting data since 2012 as well as recent complaint allegation information.

"It can chart for trends like day of the week, age of the officer, race of the individual," McApline said.

Of the 12 officer involved shootings since 2012, 11 of the officers were white. Six of the citizens were also white, and two were black. There was only one officer involved shooting where the officer was female, and two instances where the citizens were female.

The Tacoma Police Department wants the community to look at the data to start a conversation. However, McApline says the information is a work in progress.

"When we first roll this out, there are going to be people that say this is a good first step, but it's not as transparent as we like it to be,” McApline said. "It's all part of that building trust and transparency.”

The public is invited to review the data and discuss it with Tacoma Police Wednesday, October 5 from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Evergreen State College in Tacoma.