Tacoma installed flashing beacons outside a dozen schools to help students stay safe while crossing the street.

In the last two years at least three kids have been hit by cars on North I Street and 21st street in Tacoma. At least two of those kids were hit walking to school.

“Parents, staff, students have all rallied, because of a safety concern here in our community on I street,” said Renee Rossman, principal at Lowell Elementary.

Last Halloween one of her students got hit on this street by a drunk driver.

“Sometimes it takes that event like that to happen for action to happen,” she said.

This fall the city installed several new safety beacons in front of Lowell Elementary that aim to grab the attention of drivers passing through the neighborhood. They go off an hour before school an hour after.

It’s a more than $1 million investment that’s part of larger plan that will include safety beacons at 14 other schools in the district.

“Had it not been for the families pushing us and testifying, we might not have got these resources,” said Councilman Robert Thomas, who asked the council to put the money in the budget for the beacons.

“I think it’s a wonderful start,” said Rossman. “I don’t know if you ever feel like you have enough security and safety.”