TACOMA, Wash. – The City of Tacoma installed new signage and sidewalk barricades at the McCarver Street crossing after two people were hit by a train in the last year and half.

One of the victims, Alexandria Lewis, was an employee at a local law office.

"She was our receptionist,” said Phil deMaine. “She had her paralegal certification and I had literally just given her a promotion to legal assistant. She died on November 18, but December 1 she was going to be starting on her new position.”

DeMaine, along with other members of the community, have been pushing for changes to the crossing.

"You're lured into this false sense of security that, oh it's okay, the caboose has just gone by, and in both situations that's what happened when they were struck,” DeMaine said.

Tacoma Public Works Director Kurtis Kingsolver said the McCarver Crossing along with the Titlow Beach crossing in Tacoma are concerning.

"We're going to let people know that there is a double track," he said. “That’s what’s catching people.”

The city will need to work with the Tacoma Rail, BNSF, and Washington State Department of Transportation to make more long term changes.

“It’ll likely include pedestrian gates,” Kingsolver said. “Probably some fencing to try to channel pedestrians to a certain location and even some more additional signs at that point.”