BEIJING, China. -- The Chinese culture, history, and landmarks entertained the students from Tacoma’s Lincoln High School, but that’s not what Allie Brooks will miss the most about her trip to China.

“I don’t want to go,” Brooks told her new friend, Lucy, “Do we have to leave?”

Tuesday the group flies from Beijing back to Tacoma, ending an 11-day trek that took them from Hong Kong to Fuzhou, and then Chengdu and Beijing.

In each city, the students visited schools and paired up with teens at host schools.

The end of each visit ended with hugs and tears from many of the students.

When it was time to leave Beijing’s Bayi High School Monday, Brooks told her student guide she hoped she would see her again.

"I told her I hope you can come to my school so I can show you around my school for you like you did for me,” said Brooks.

Brooks said interacting with peers from the Chinese schools was her favorite part of the trip.

The 97 students from Lincoln High School are guests of the Chinese government. Chinese President Xi Jinping invited the teens to visit him while he was touring their Tacoma campus in September of 2015.