Before taking the stage for his shows in Tacoma this weekend, country music legend Garth Brooks hosted a sports workshop with Brian Hunter of the Seattle Mariners.

Eighty at-risk kids spent time at Stadium High School in Tacoma, hitting and fielding balls.

"Coach" Brooks says the kids inspire his music.

"A lot of these kids are from boys and girls clubs, and they're from homes that maybe you don't have that mom and dad. I had the mom and dad. I had that guy that, every time I turned around, no matter whether you were starting or if you were riding the bench, my parents were there. So I've never had a hardship in my life, anything like these kids. These kids are my heroes because they've got a lot of work to do even before they show up for school. And at this age, that's crazy," Brooks said.

Brooks hosts a pro camp at every one of his tour stops.