After nearly a decade, Festival of Sail, one of the largest ship festivals, has made the voyage back to Tacoma. It’s a huge attraction drawing thousands of people to Tacoma's Dock Street to see 25 ships with a lot of history.

"First of all, the Thea Foss Waterway is a pretty famous waterway," said John Holbert, one of the boat captains. "This has been a working waterway for a long time. People love it, people love the old boats, and we're one of the originals. We're not a replica boat."

Ryan Whaley runs the Festival of Sail event.

"It seems like Tacoma has really started to experience a bit of renaissance, and what a cool waterfront they have," he said.

There is just as much enthusiasm for Tacoma as there is for the ships.

"I am pleased Tacoma is taking steps like this to boost tourism; the more things like this the better," said Jeff Walker, who attended the event Friday.

The Festival of Sail runs until Sunday. For more information click here.