SEATTLE-- For three years Paolo and Amanda Mottola have been trying to have a baby.

“You see your friends around you that are having kids easily,” Paolo said. “Or unplanned. It's like why is this taking so long?”

Tests showed Paolo had a low sperm count. After six failed attempts at artificial insemination, they started in vitro fertilization.

Paolo captured the months that followed on his camera and posted a YouTube video called, The Long Wait to Meet Eliza.

“We didn't know what kind of journey we were going to be on, but we knew it was going to be the start of hopefully something great,” Paolo said.

The first embryo transfer didn't take, but a month after the second transfer an ultrasound picked up a heartbeat.

“Obviously there were tears,” Amanda said.

“It's that early heartbeat that every parent that we know is nervous about,” Paolo said. “That's why you wait to tell people.”

At week 24 they were ready to share the news.

Paolo said they used a picture of their dog and a border collie with a pair of moccasins.

At the next exam a nurse gave the couple an envelope marked gender. Viewers of the YouTube video can witness the couple learning the baby would be a girl.

“I think a lot of people told me it was going to be a boy,” Amanda said. “I don't know. Just the two of us had like a feeling that we were going to have a daughter.”

In October, three years later than planned, Eliza Renee joined the Mottola family.

“It was a long road,” Paolo said. “A really, really long road.”

Now a new journey begins for a little girl who will always be cherished and parents that never gave up hope.

“Waiting makes the heart grow fonder a little bit, right?” Paolo asked.

The Mottolas said they are sharing their story to tell other couples who are dealing with infertility issue to keep the faith.