Tacoma is closing the gender pay gap, while the gap has grown in Seattle, according to a national survey.

The online realtor Trulia analyzed U.S. census data to compare the pay, home ownership, and education of single women over the age of 24, to the same demographic of men, between 2008 and 2015.

Tacoma ranked third in the nation at closing the gap. Portland, Ore. was sixth.

Of the 100 U.S. metro areas surveyed, 41 cities saw the pay gap widen, including tech heavyweights Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Nationwide, the survey found that women still lag behind men. Of the women in the demographic studied, 41.1 percent are homeowners, compared to 50.3 percent of men. As of 2015, women made 72 cents for every dollar men make.

However, the pay gap has decreased nationally by 7.1 percent since 2008. When you look at education, 30 percent of women have four years or more of college education, nearly the same rate as the men at 30.14 percent.