GRANITE FALLS, Wash. - Granite Falls Little League is rushing to rebuild one of its fields after a driver, who police suspect was under the influence, crashed through fences and skidded across the outfield.

League President Bob Swanson discovered the damage this past weekend at Perrigoue Memorial Park, where teams are preparing to start practice this week.

“It sets us back probably at least a couple of weeks here,” Swanson said.

A driver, who police suspect was impaired, swerved off the road, skidded across the parking lot, smashed through a fence, careened through the right field, and took down another fence, before taking off.

The driver was not difficult to track down because police found a license plate tangled in the fence. Marysville Police pulled the driver over and arrested him on suspicion of DUI.

A Granite Falls ballfield was vandalized over the weekend when a driver crashed through fences and drove into the outfield.

“I don't think he realizes that it's impacting 125 kids from playing ball here; we're in a scramble mode here right now,” Swanson said.

The league learned its insurance does not cover the damage, so parents are raising money. Donors have already given more than $1,200 to rebuild the fouled field.

“This isn't going to stop anybody, especially our little community we have here, you know, (it will) make everybody stronger and probably pull us together,” said Josh Hopp, a parent.