SEATTLE -- Kate Murphy brought 500 Post-It notes to the Capitol Hill light rail station with one mission: encourage as many people as possible to fill those notes with messages.

'United' ... 'Channel your frustration into action' ... 'Love' -- were just a few of the messages that filled the wall.

Murphy was inspired by a project in New York where strangers posted messages to describe their feelings and emotions after the election.

The project was called 'Subway Therapy.'

On Saturday, Murphy and a few of her friends encouraged commuters of all sorts to write their own messages and many did.

Filiz Kurban decided not to write anything herself, but her daughter, 2, drew a smiley face.

Kurban, a Turkish-born Muslim, says she supported Clinton.

"I'm hoping our laws will protect everyone," she said. "My daughter wants to be living in a free country, for sure."

Capitol Hill is very liberal, no doubt, and we couldn't find any pro-Trump messages.