Students from over 20 schools in Washington came together in Olympia Monday to present to lawmakers their solution to the homeless epidemic happening.

Jumpstarted by the Career and Technical Education Challenge, high school and community college students were recruited to help build tiny houses, transforming the state capitol into a construction site.

“Honestly, I love seeing people out here and participating in helping homeless people and that are willing to donate for the benefit of Seattle,” said Mountlake Terrace Senior Tucker Burk.

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The “CTE” Challenge was created to raise awareness about technical education while also taking the needed steps to help homelessness. Each school that participated received funding from the state superintendent's office, and some even raised additional funds on their own.

At the end of the challenge, the 12 feet by eight feet tiny homes will be used to house the homeless, providing a roof and place to sleep for 26 people.

The 25 homes will be delivered to the tiny house village site in North Seattle's Lichton Springs neighborhood Tuesday. Residents will begin moving into the tiny homes April 5.