The pages of a classic children's book are playing out in real life at Snohomish High School.

'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein, tells the story of a tree that joyfully gives everything it has to sustain a boy it loves throughout his life. By the time the boy is an old man, there is nothing more than a stump for him to sit on.

"And the tree was happy," the story goes.

In this case, it is a walnut tree that stood for 80 years outside Snohomish High.

"So this is more than just a piece of wood," said teacher Matt Johnson.

The tree got old and sick and had to be cut down for safety purposes.

"When the students came back to school, they were wondering why there was just a stump," says Johnson. "What happened to that tree?"

"It's sad that it's not there anymore, that it's not part of our school," said senior Sophia Walker.

Just like in the book, though, the tree didn't stop giving to the people who loved it.

Students at Snohomish High are now using its sturdy trunk to help sustain their educations.

In Matt Johnson's shop class, they're turning the tree into a beautiful 6-foot-by-20-inch sofa table that will be sold at auction. The money will provide scholarships for the very students transforming the tree into its new form.

Walker says this project and this tree have inspired her to consider a career in woodworking.

"I think that's a good way to preserve what the tree meant to people," she says. "It's nice to know it will continue to give."

The auction is scheduled for November 11. Organizers are hoping the table will raise at least $2,500 for the scholarship program.

Get more information on the Snohomish Education Foundation event at the Tulalip Resort Casino.