SEATTLE -- The nationally recognized stroke center at Harborview Medical Center performed a procedure Tuesday night that will prevent a Seattle teenager from the ravages of a paralyzing stroke.

17-year-old Bella Anderson is a senior at Ballard High School and also lives with a heart condition. She experienced stroke symptoms Tuesday.

“I couldn’t lift my leg. They were telling me ‘Lift your leg, lift your leg,” Anderson said. “Couldn’t do it. They were telling ‘Lift your arm’. Couldn’t do it.”

Thankfully her dad recognized the problem right away. Bella wasn’t sure what was going on.

“She kept talking, was cognitive and alert, but not really recognizing the impact,” Mark Anderson said.

Bella was unable to move the left half of her body when she rushed just hours into a procedure at Harborview’s Stroke Center.

“She arrived her, we took her straight to the emergency room and did the blood clot procedure,” Neurosurgeon Michael Levitt said. “We went to the blockage in the brain, and we pulled the blood clot using a catheter, restored blood flow, and immediately she had functions.”

“They’ve just been priceless,” Mark Anderson said. “You have to commit your favorite thing to them and they’ve just taken over and they come through everyday.”

Despite her success after the surgery, Bella remains on the heart transplant list. Her family hopes you consider becoming an organ donor. You can find more information on LifeCenter Northwest’s website at