SEATTLE -- He’s one of the Seahawks' biggest stars, but this week Richard Sherman made a tremendous difference off the field when he helped provide Christmas gifts for 38 families in our area.

Sherman and his fiancée, Ashley Moss, worked with their foundation, Blanket Coverage, to find more than three dozen families who may not otherwise be able to buy their kids’ gifts this holiday season.

“It's important because everybody deserves a smile, everybody deserves to be happy, everybody deserves Christmas,” Sherman said. “Our foundation works to help people who are underprivileged, who are underserved, who would otherwise not have the ability to enjoy something like this.”

It’s an effort Sherman and Moss started during Sherman’s rookie year when they helped out one homeless family. Now their work has grown substantially.

“There's just such a need in the community, and for us, it was just something we were passionate about, and it's a lot of work, but it's so worth it,” Moss said. “Having a thousand Christmas presents under the tree is not everything. But to open something, as a mom, you know, it's important.”

Moss individually took down every size and every wish list from all the children they helped, and she went shopping for every gift herself. Of the 38 families, 10 were from Audubon Elementary School in Redmond, Ashley’s former elementary school.

“They are doing all of this simply out of just wanting to help the community, it's very sincere, and they're very humble about it,” said Audubon Elementary counselor Deb Wilson. “I really wish I can let the community know what caring people these people are and how they are working so hard for us.”

Ofelia Ruiz is a Renton grandmother who is working very hard to raise three of her grandkids under 11 years old. The Sherman’s took care of all their Christmas gifts this year.

“It's really helpful, especially with three kids. And I really love it, and I'm so grateful,” Ruiz said.

“We try to reward them. It's a break for the parents, so they can sit back on Christmas and just breath,” Moss said.

If you are interested in doing some charitable work this Christmas season, Sherman’s foundation Blanket Coverage may be a place to donate. They do much of their work for kids in Western Washington. You can find more information on their website.