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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman may have been more excited than the little girl he surprised at the hospital last week.

"I think she lifted my spirits more than I lifted hers," Sherman told reporters Tuesday.

Ellie, a patient at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, took her Richard Sherman “Shermie” doll everywhere with her. The four-year-old girl, who was born premature with medical problems, held “Shermie” by her side throughout treatments and procedures.

Until one day, she couldn’t find him.

The little girl was so distraught that the hospital reached out to Sherman to see if he could help. And within two minutes, he had a response.

Days later, during Sherman’s bye week, the Seahawks cornerback surprised Ellie at the hospital with special gifts for his No. 1 fan.

But Sherman did more than drop off a bag of gifts. In the video the hospital shared on Twitter, the Super Bowl champ is seen chasing Ellie around the hospital, exchanging hugs and giving her a special day she’ll never forget.

Take a look at the adorable encounter:

“Is this real life?” Ellie shouted as Sherman surprised her.

"It was fun. She has a great spirit about her," Sherman said Tuesday. "She was such a happy-go-lucky little girl. Every time she turned around she was glowing and smiling and laughing."

Sherman didn’t have a doll on hand, which it appeared she was really hoping for.

"She said I was the real Sherman, so I took some solace in that," Sherman said. "She was really attached to it and, even after all that she was like 'OK. This is nice. You got my doll?'"

Sherman said he promised to bring her a new Shermie doll when Ellie and her family are his guests at the game against the Houston Texans on Oct. 29.

The four-time Pro Bowler may have a reputation for being confident and cocky, but his true colors shined when he met Ellie.

"It was so pure and so genuine, so innocent," Sherman said. "I think there's nothing better than a kid's smile and a kid's innocence and she was the embodiment of it."