There is a special kind of emptiness that besets a single, teenage mom. Many feel all alone -- except for the one person who is counting onthem to survive. It's a despair Jerrica Schreib knows all too well. She got pregnant at just 15 years old, and had to grow up fast.

I had no where to go. I didn't know what to do, said Jerrica, now 17. I stayed with all my family and friends thatI could. There was nobody else that could take us.

Jerrica has essentially beenhomeless since her daughter Emma was born 20 months ago.Jessica's parents couldn't afford to support the two, so she hasbeen sleeping with her baby on the couches of friends and family. The stress of caring for a child while not knowing where she'd be sleeping that nighttook a toll on both Jerrica and her baby.

It was really affecting her, not having a stable place to stay, said Jerrica. I can see the change completely since we've been here.

On Christmas Day, Jerricagot a callfrom Cocoon House ( The organization had just opened the doors of its new Arlington home for teen mothers, the only place like it in the state.

That was the best Christmas present, said Jerrica.

Cocoon House provides shelter and food, along with parenting and life skills training for 13- to 18-year-old mothers. Mostly, it provides a family for mothers who are still children themselves.

This program is a nice place for them to continueto live out their childhood while they learn to be an adult, to be a mom, and while they take care of their sweet little ones, said Cocoon House CEOCassie Franklin. We stress education while teaching them how to live within boundaries and how to set them for their own children.

Half of teen mothers have children who end up as teen mothers themselves. The Washington State Department of Health reports there were 5,058 girls between 12 and 19 years of age who gavebirth in 2012. That number has steadily been declining over the past decade.

Now in a morestable situation, Jerrica plans to finish high school and hopefully attend college. The emptiness now filled with love and hope.

IfI didn't have the supportI just would've gone downhill by myself, she said. I'm doing good because of Emma. I have to do good for her.