They flew in from around the world. They lined up around the block. And all they wanted was a few seconds with their idol, their inspiration, their boss.

The Boss: Bruce Springsteen.

The musician was in Seattle on Saturday signing copies of his new book at Elliott Bay Book Company in Capitol Hill. Springsteen's autobiography, Born to Run, was released Sept. 27.

The event seemed to be life-changing for many of the fans who showed up, some of them flying from London or Toronto for one day, and then flying back home.

Brenda Thompson and her family drove 22 hours from the Navajo reservation in Arizona to see Springsteen. Seattle was the closest location that Springsteen was doing a book signing, so as soon as tickets went on sale several weeks ago, Thompson and her family made sure they bought some.

They have been to all the shows, seen him perform, but there was nothing like seeing him in person.

"Every second of it; it was just worth it," Thompson said.

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