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Every step, turn, and lunge reveals a modern movement with a progressive meaning.

“I feel like I can relate to this,” said dancer Fausto Rivera, who is the son of Mexican immigrants. “This is music from people I can relate to. I’m the child of immigrants, of coming from a different place and making this your home.”

Spectrum Dance Theater’s new show “Rambunctious Iteration #3: The Immigrants” features music by composers originally from Cuba, China, Iran, Russia and Mexico.

“What they bring is the culture that they grew up in. They bring aspects of that, so they contribute to multicultural America,” executive artistic director Donald Byrd said.

Byrd says the music is a nod to current political issues. He’s not known to shy away from difficult issues, as his lance show “Shot” was a commentary on African Americans and police.

“My impulse is to be in your face. That’s what I normally do,” Byrd said, explaining this time “The Immigrants” is different. “I felt it wasn't necessary to rant and rave about it – that you let the evidence speak for itself. And the evidence is in the quality of the work these composers do.”

The Immigrants opens at the Cornish Playhouse March 2 and runs until March 5.