The flags on their uniforms may be different, but soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord from different countries worked together this month.

The U.S. Army hosted hundreds of service members from the Indian Army.

“The whole motive of this joint exercise was interoperability,” said Indian Army Captain Karamveer Jodha.

He said he learned about American military tactics and weapons during the two-week course.

He also made friends.

“Maybe three years down the line if we’re operating in a U.N. mission somewhere,” said Jodha. “We’ll know about each other.”

Americans learned a few things from the Indian soldiers, according to U.S. Army Lt. Col. Scott Siegfried.

“We showed them how we do combat assistance,” said Siegfried, “They, in turn, showed us how they detect explosive devices, some different explosive devices than we’ve had experience with.”

Japanese soldiers also worked with American troops at the Yakima Training Center earlier this month.