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In the final scene of the 1990s series "Twin Peaks," a spirit who resembled Laura Palmer told Agent Cooper, "I'll see you again in 25 years."

Showtime missed the 25-year deadline by one year, but fans don't seem to mind - and neither do the businesses in Snoqualmie Valley.

The crew shot the series in fall 2015 and required the locals involved, like Snoqualmie city officials, to sign non-disclosure agreements. However, even though city officials can't say a word, many locals were around to see the crew shoot at some of the original locations.

One of those original locations is DirtFish, a rally car driving school that empowers people to drive on, just about, any surface. However, in the original series, that is the Twin Peaks' police department. Often fans find themselves at DirtFish taking pictures in the front lobby because it still resembles the front office of the show's police department.

"They're totally excited to be able to stand out in the parking lot and have the smokestack in the background," says Mac McInnis, general manager of DirtFish. "It's just huge. I guess it's like being on set or something of a movie. It was quite a series."

McInnis doesn't anticipate a lot of new business from the new series since DirtFish caters to a specific audience. However, there are a lot of businesses that will benefit, such as restaurants and hotels.

For area leaders, the Twin Peaks revival could help build on economic development. People from all around the globe travel to Snoqualmie Valley every year to visit some of the original Twin Peaks locations.

"For us, it's extremely important because we don't want Snoqualmie to become any place where you come off the exit, and there's a Walmart or Kmart and McDonald's," says Matt Larson, mayor of the city of Snoqualmie. "We are very protective of that just because it's a spectacular destination with the falls in the background of Mount Si and so forth. And so what we've strategically focused on is building on recreation and tourism, so this plays directly into that and helps us support that."

The new series kicks off on Showtime May 21. You can currently watch the original series on Netflix.

Mayor Larson says Snoqualmie will be celebrating near DirtFish on May 13 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. with a scavenger hunt and a showing of the Twin Peaks movie. TheCity leaders are also working with Showtime to possibly bring some cast and crew members.