MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- At Amazon’s DuPont Fulfillment Center, the boss considers Cyber Monday the company’s Super Bowl Sunday.

“This is definitely the biggest day of the year for us,” said DuPont facility General Manager Greg Zielinski.

He expected his location would ship out “tens of thousands” of orders Monday alone.

Maple Valley business owner Suzy Benson-Gillies hopes some of those purchases will include African Promise Foundation jewelry.

Her Maple Valley non-profit sells necklaces, headbands and bracelets.

Proceeds from the items go to the women in Uganda who make the jewelry from recycled trash and paper.

Benson-Gillies has been able to hire 50 women in Africa.

“Each of the women, on average, probably has 5-6 of their own children and most of them are caring for orphans,” said Benson-Gillies.

She was inspired to help the women and children of Uganda during a visit with a girls soccer team in 2009.

Soon after she started selling the jewelry at craft shows and on her own website before paying to put the items on Amazon this summer.

She hopes her first Cyber Monday will enable her to hire and support more women in Uganda to make more jewelry.

“It’s trash turned into treasure,” said Benson-Gillies.