A third grade student in Shoreline is on a mission to honor a late civil rights leader.

Sarah first learned about Edwin T. Pratt after a soccer game in September, when her mom pointed out a plaque.

“It just looked like a big, huge cement block really to me at first,” she said.

As she came in closer, she noticed the name Edwin T. Pratt. He was born in 1930 and died in 1969. The words “for peace between all races” are engraved below his picture.

Sarah grew more curious, and decided to do her own research. She found out that he was an accomplished civil rights activist.

“He was the executive director of the Seattle Urban League, and he stood up for school desegregation and fair housing. That's why I think he moved to Shoreline, to set an example of how we can all be neighbors,” said Sarah.

A plaque honors Edwin T. Pratt at a Shoreline park.

She said that's how Pratt lived, and she was surprised to learn how he died.

“Snowballs were hitting their house and their windows and so he went outside on his doorstep to see what was making the noise, and he got shot and killed,” Sarah said.

It is a case that’s never been solved.

“I think it’s very sad, and I’d like to honor him,” said Sarah.

She wants more than a plaque in the park, so she started a petition, asking the Shoreline School District to name or rename a building after Pratt.

“I think he is definitely deserving of recognition,” said Sarah. “He was just way ahead of his time and he was very smart. I think that idea of ‘we can all be friends and we can all be friendly’ is a really important idea.”

She views it as a message that is still needed.

Sarah plans on bringing her idea before the school board on June 19.