A group of seniors are united in concern this week as they await Presidential election results. Whether it is the Supreme Court nominee, Social Security, or education for young people that concerns them the most this election cycle, they were united in the feeling of disappointment with today’s candidates for President.

“I feel kind of depressed for how the future looks. Quite frankly I feel thank goodness I don’t have to live through another 10 or 20 years,” Frances Bonaker said. “It’s scary.”

Tom Newitt described the country as “pretty much shot.”

“From the America we knew, it’s pretty much gone,” Newitt said.

Dorine Overton is 101 years old and said she hasn’t kept up with the election like she has in years past largely because of its negative tone.

“They’re screaming at one another, and the more the scream the less we hear,” Overton said.

She’s concerned about several issues that concern and many others this Election Day.

“We’re going to lose a lot of families from lack of money, the homeless now are having a hard time finding a place to live. I’m just scared, for myself even ya know that I’m not going to have enough to last rest of my life even.”

Eleanor Kurtzweg says that she fears human decency is starting to fade.

“I think in some ways it’s worse because people are not as conscious of being good to each other,” Kurtuzweg said.

Despite her concerns she remains hopeful.

“Our country is one that has always bounced back,” Kurtzweg said. “Out of all the years that we’ve had problems we’ve bounced back out of them.”

The people we spoke to live at Mountlake Terrace Plaza in Mountlake Terrace, WA.