Transportation crews have managed to remove a truck that was stuck on SR 99 in the Battery Street Tunnel for hours.

The oversized trailer truck was heading north Friday afternoon when it got stuck in the left lane, with the generator it was hauling wedged up against the concrete ceiling.

While traffic was slowly getting by in the right lane, the backup was reportedly four miles long and stretched past the West Seattle Bridge.

It took more than four hours of maneuvering, the use of a front loader, a massive tow truck and deflating some of the tires to break it free. With a loud grinding and screeching, the tow truck winched the semi free by 6:15 p.m. and reopened 99 about 10 minutes later.

The driver did get a permit with the state Department of Transportation, but not the city. In a release, Seattle Department of Transportation said, "The driver of the truck failed to obtain a city permit, which would have included a map with alternate routes keeping him clear of the tunnel. The driver did receive a fine and citation."

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