Pandas, the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the "Bird's Nest" Olympic stadium in Beijing.

I knew there were going to be plenty of photo-ops during our 11-day trip to China with 97 Tacoma Lincoln High School students.

I didn't think I'd take my favorite picture of the whole trip on day two.

That's when I saw Lincoln High senior Jackie Knight taking a selfie with a new friend, Elaine Wong.

On the surface, Knight and Wong couldn't be more different. Knight was born in Kenya and moved to Tacoma in 2014.
Wong lives in Hong Kong and dances for the ballet team at her school.

Wong spoke a little English, just enough to ask Knight if they could pose for pictures together.

These sorts of interactions turned out to be my favorite moments on the trip.

They may not have spoken the same languages, but time after time, the Lincoln students would make friends with the Chinese students, locals and tourists, and would end up posing for selfies.