The Alki Tavern in West Seattle was torn down Tuesday nearly four years after it closed to make way for a new development.

"No!" cried onlookers, as a bulldozer tore through a wall and bricks scattered on the ground.

"It's closure," said former owner Gil McLynne with a sigh. He admitted it hurt a little to see the tavern he owned and ran for 38 years demolished. "Yeah, it does. Lot of years down here."

Years of Taco Tuesdays, said former employee Collins Parenteau who noted it was popular with bikers.

"All the Harleys. Over 300 a night," Parenteau said.

"And the place only held 90," former worker Gus Gustafson chimed in, laughing.

The dozens of onlookers described an occasionally rowdy but friendly and family-like atmosphere.

"We always associated Alki Tavern with West Seattle," said former patron Jonathan Streeter. "It was the 'Cheers' of Seattle."

Seattle has changed.

"No one's from here, anymore," Streeter said, shaking his head.

The site is being replaced by mixed use retail and condos. But not before the old tavern's fans, including McLynne's wife Cathy, made one last memory.

"Saying goodbye," she said.