Hours after Mayor Ed Murray announced he will not seek re-election, voters were reacting to the decision.

"I'm sad to see that he is dropping out," said Beacon Hill resident Troy Shearer.

Murray is getting out of the race after four accusers came forward, alleging he sexually abused them decades ago when they were teenagers.

"The allegations against me are not true, and I say this with all honesty and the deepest sincerity. But the scandal surrounding them and me is hurting this city," said Murray.

Michaela McGee says the Mayor not running for re-election is the right decision.

"In a way, I think it is a good thing. I mean if those allegations are true then we definitely need someone else," said McGee.

Cary Lee, a Murray supporter, said the allegations have led to infighting.

"The arguments that I am hearing are all within the LGBT community, and a lot of people are divided on it," said Lee. "The nail is sort of already in the coffin before we actually had a chance to have any sort of due process. I feel really bad for him."

Lee adds that if Murray had stayed with the campaign, the Mayor's race would have been focused on the scandal instead of the issues.