Security footage outside the King County courthouse shows a confrontation between King County Sheriff John Urquhart, his Chief of Staff Chris Barringer, and a homeless man.

The video, obtained by the Seattle Times through a public records request, shows the homeless man charge Urquhart and Barringer while they are in a crosswalk on James Street at Third Avenue.

Urquhart and Barringer are startled, and Barringer draws his service weapon. They appear to exchange heated words with the man.

The footage is grainy, but Urquhart has said the man was wielding a pair of scissors.

The homeless man backs out of the crosswalk and walks away while Barringer and Urquhart remain in the crosswalk.

About 30 seconds later, the homeless man walks a bicycle across the intersection, gets on it, and rides away.

Courthouse staff and police have reported a number of incidents where employees and jurors have been attacked outside the downtown courthouse.