Some theater students in Seattle are getting a peculiar back-to-school exam. It's a way to see themselves sing, from the inside.

A group of incoming freshman from Cornish College visited the University of Washington's Speech and Hearing Clinic this week to sit down with Martin Nevdahl, a senior lecturer, who uses a stroboscope, a type of camera which photographs the students’ vocal cords while they sing.

“Sometimes we notice excess tension in their voice,” he said.

Nevdahl is also looking for irritation or any conditions which might get worse as students pursue their singing and acting careers.

They will be using their voices a lot in the coming years, and this exam is a way to check for any early problems.

“I don't know why, but I feel more comfortable with my voice, and I feel more at ease,” said Zach Chandler, a musical theater major who was at first uneasy about seeing his vocal cords.