The City of Seattle is suing a skate shop and 20 people who it says damaged Duck Island at Green Lake by building an unauthorized skate ramp there. The island provides habitat for birds and will require some rehabilitation.

The Seattle City Attorney's Office named the shop -- 35th North -- as the lead defendant in the civil suit. The attorney's office claims 35th North was the only skate shop in the city that was asked by Transworld Skateboarding Magazine to enter a nationwide contest to build a new skate park, or to add to an existing one.

The suit claims that video submitted to the contest by 35th North showed people building a concrete, bowl-shaped structure on the island. In court documents, the city alleges the defendants cut down one or more trees and destroyed vegetation. The suit also alleges nobody involved sought permission to build the park.

The skate park was named one of the three winners but was later disqualified, according to the attorney's office.

A check of the website for the contest -- Nike SB Project 58 Do It Yourself -- shows it has taken down the video submission from 35th North.

The attorney's office says it has identified the 20 people only as John or Jane Does, but expects to identify them by name eventually.

The attorney's office says Duck Island will need weed removal, stormwater and erosion control, trash removal and planting of new vegetation and brush. Damages and penalties could be in the low six-figures, the office said.

Duck Island Skate Park Complaint by KING 5 News on Scribd